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Vital Connections On Air

Jul 20, 2017

Communities have the power to tell their own story.  Litchfield, MN has been working to create a narrative the reflects their community and tells a story that is optimistic and focused on the future.  Judy Hulterstrum and David Krueger will share how they have implemented a program called Make It Litchfield that has brought together the entire community to write a narrative for this generation.

Links from this episode:

University of Minnesota Extension’s Center for Community Vitality is your go to place for information to help you in your community work.

Visit the Litchfield Area Chamber of Commerce website to learn about what is happening in Litchfield and make plans to visit!

Learn about all that Meeker County has to offer by visiting the Meeker Development Corporation.

Read our blog by guest blogger Neil Linscheid to learn more about Making It Home.